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Steampunk Jewelry


All Steampunk Jewelry and Filigree Jewelry Designs are entirely original and required the utmost care when creating them. All pieces are durable in numerous conditions. So not only are CrossTheHatter’s designs eye catching and unique, but they are high quality as well!


With all of the eye catching Steampunk Jewelry designs and original work, you can be elegant every day!


All pieces are held together with solder or industrial epoxy. Most items are created through lost wax casting or certain aspects are outsourced from a local jewelry supply store. Steampunk Accessory pieces are solid metal with fantastic gemstones in the middle.

What is...


Steampunk is a genre that has had many descriptions placed on it. Most agree however, that Steampunk Jewelry is a trendy, new form of fashion. Steampunk itself is a science fiction inspired category that is combined with Victorian influences. Because of these two genre’s coming together, many elegant designs arise: you will note the use of clockwork, filigree, metal, various antique contraptions, wire work, and other Neo-Victorian similarities throughout all Steampunk Fashion companies.

CrossTheHatter Jewelry differs a bit from the typical description in the sense that it focuses on the fantasy side of Steampunk and of course, makes it wearable and elegant for you to wear every day on any outfit!